STEM+ WOMEN: Empower. Innovate. Lead.

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The inaugural March 2014 STEM+ Women Conference brought together over 180 attendees, exploring STEM fields and careers and gathering together for a mentoring lunch.   This educational event was made possible with the generous support from volunteers, corporate sponsors, GMU Game Design Program, Women in Technology (WIT) and WIT Education Foundation.

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GMU’s Computer Game Design Program and Simulation & Game Institute (SGI), in partnership with the Women in Technology (WIT) Education Foundation, are proud to present the STEM+ Women conference!

Women ChemistsSTEM+ Women is a conference offering young women in high school and college the opportunity to learn about STEM+ fields, with a special focus on the skills and knowledge necessary for navigating a global workforce. Participants will learn from current students and professional women about STEM+ majors, internships, and potential careers. This conference also provides a positive space for dialogue about issues that women face in industry and explores solutions for empowering women to pursue the careers of their choice.  Discover why studying STEM+ matters and how women are reprogramming the industry!


The Honorable Karen Jackson, Secretary of Technology, Commonwealth of Virginia


Empowering Women to Innovate and Lead in STEM+ Education and Careers


  • STEM+ Education
  • STEM+ Careers
  • STEM+ Entrepreneurship
  • STEM+ Leadership
  • STEM+ Culture
  • STEM+ Remarkable Women


  • New Technologies
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Early Career Advice
  • Workplace Challenges

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A partnership of the George Mason University Game Design Program and SGI, and Women in Technology (WIT) Education Foundation, sponsor of the STEM+ Women Conference.