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Part 1 (Required) Write a 250-300 word essay on your interest in computer game design. Address why studying game design will help fulfill your intellectual/ artistic, and professional goals. Also, detail what industry career path interests you and how your studies will help you achieve that goal.
Part 1 Submission:
Part 2 (Required): Choose ONE of the following prompts: 2a: Write a 500-word review for a video game. Breakdown the game into its various elements and critique how they work in concert to deliver a unified experience to the player (or not). How does the game compare to other games in its genre? Be sure to support your claims with reasoned arguments. OR 2b: Write a 500-word essay to an article about game culture. Find a news article or blog post that discusses race, violence, gender, or other current issues in games (please include a link). How do you see the article as relevant to your studies and future plans as a professional? Do you agree with the author’s claims? Why? How might designers and players address this issue in the future? OR 2c: Write a 500-word (approx.) “pitch” document for an original game. Present an idea you have for an original game to potential producers/investors! Outline the mechanics, world, and characters of the game (be sure to also include the title, genre, and target audience). Why would your game succeed? How is it different from others currently on the market?
Part 2 Submission:
Part 3 (OPTIONAL): Submit a web link to your game-related video, artwork, coding, animation, music, writing, or projects you’ve worked on. Please be sure to credit any others who have worked on the artifacts? included, and also provide some brief written commentary to contextualize the work. (Provide a password to the content if protected).