Meet Our Alumni

Meet our Alumni

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  • Orin Adcox

    Adjunct Faculty, Computer Game Design, CVPA  Computer Game Design alumnus, CVPA

    Orin Adcox is an entrepreneur and game developer that co-owns a small game design studio located at the Virginia Serious Game Institute in which he creates Serious Games for various clientele within a myriad of subject matters. This includes everything from aid allocation in foreign countries to evaluating social and emotional skills of young students through games. When not working at his company, Orin teaches undergraduate classes in Mason’s game design program.
  • Kyle Bishop

    2013, BFA Computer Game Design

    What made you choose Mason's Computer Game Design program?  My brother attended GMU before me, and it was relatively close to friends and family so it seemed like a good fit.
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    BFA Computer Game Design, 2016

    Kayla decided to go to George Mason because it is one of the few schools, at the time, that offered Computer Game Design. She appreciated the program showing her all aspects of game production, so that if she wanted to go into business for herself and create her own studio she could since she took a class in every division.
  • Alex Estep

    BFA Computer Game Design, 2013

    What made you choose Mason's Computer Game Design program? After high school I wanted to pursue animation as a career. After 2 years at community college I saw that Mason had a new Game Design program. I hoped this program would provide me the opportunity to pursue animation and digital arts as a career.
  • Erinn Fecteau

    2017, Computer Game Design Program

    Erinn Fecteau graduated from Mason's Computer Game Design program in 2017. She has been hooked on gaming since she first got her hands on a Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokemon Blue. When thinking about what she wanted to do when she was older, Erinn couldn't think of a better fit than game design. The Mason program's robust, multidisciplinary approach to game design was exactly what she was looking for.
  • Alexander Goldberg

    BFA Game Design, 2020

    Alexander Goldberg graduated Summa Cum Laude from George Mason in 2020 with a BFA in Game Design. He is a game designer, programmer, D&D player, and eclectic personality. Upon graduation he founded Mischief and Mayhem Studios, a small remote based indie game development studio, and became one of the founders and the lead programmer for the three-person indie studio Broken Name Games.
  • Daniel Greenberg

    Adjunct Faculty, Computer Game Design, CVPA

    Daniel Greenberg teaches game design topics in the Computer Game Design program, with a focus on history and analysis.
  • Tim Simmons

    Computer Game Design, 2011

    Tim Simmons was the first graduate ever of the Computer Game Design program at Mason. He went on to achieve a Master’s in Cyber Security and currently works as a Server Integration Engineer. He moonlights as a hobby game designer at a company he started called Pocket of Pixels. He has also been approved as a Playstation Partner and is currently developing a game for the PS5.
  • Bria Wright

    2018, Computer Game Design

    Bria is a self taught UI/UX designer. She is passionate about creating usable digital products and getting started with her freelancing career. Before becoming a freelancer, she has worked with incredibly talented people across different companies to gain the experience to work on her own.